Tool Management

All processes and tasks from contract award through to warehouse management are depicted in a digital and interconnected system, the so-called "EBUS Cloud". Our staff have targeted access to relevant information via a computer or tablet.

Our advanced AI-controlled approach provides every tool with a digital "resumé". All data and information is recorded transparently and clearly, as well as being archived. This means we have maximum opportunity to scrutinise the state and history of tools. Thanks to an intelligent notification function we automatically receive information whenever maintenance work is due. In this way we can plan in good time and make sure that work processes continue without any interruptions. Our system makes it possible for us to not only track previous maintenance work, but it smooths the way for preventive maintenance. Early detection of potential problems minimises interruptions and breakdowns, increasing the working life of our own tools and those of customers and clients.

Efficient tool management plays a central role in increasing productivity, quality control and cost efficiencies. Through combining traditional expertise with the latest technology and integrating automation solutions into production processes, we are in a position to work and manufacture efficiently, in a resource saving manner, as well as to react quickly and flexibly to individual customer requirements.