AI & Digitalisation

We established ourselves as pioneers in the field of toolmaking and mould making as well as plastics manufacturing, by recognising the potentials of digital innovation and automation at an early stage and by using these effectively for years. Digitalisation and automation play central roles in our work processes. They do not serve as a substitute to replace expert knowledge and expertise, but as an addition to extend and optimise it. All the same it is only once digitalisation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are in place that automation follows. Through the combination of traditional expert knowledge and use of modern technologies, we work and manufacture products in a time saving and resource-efficient manner. We record every stage of production, every tool and each container digitally. This makes it possible to follow each stage of production precisely, and to analyse it. Data recorded provides us valuable insights into production and makes it possible for us to undertake continuous optimisation. Digital recording extends to all aspects, from concept design through to final checks, and creates a transparent and understandable method of operation.

Our commitment here at ProForm to continuous learning and growth is reflected by our continually extending our technical competencies. We understand, that rapidly developing technologies mean we must constantly adapt.