We have an experienced and forward-thinking team. We reach tangible solutions for all processes in a considered manner, starting from ideas. On the basis of many years’ expertise, we keep an eye on the big picture and provide a seamless process from concept design through to series production and complete all this at our in-house production site in Antau, (AUSTRIA). Our corporate values - quality, adherence to schedules, partnership, sustainability and flexibility – are not mere words, but these are principles we embody, and form the basis of our activities both internally as well as outwardly too.

Adrian Gebhardt founded the company 1mts-gebhardt GmbH in 2004, and since 2005 it has traded under the name ProForm Prototypen & Formenbau GmbH. Before this, this experienced and expert toolmaker had been employed for 27 years by the renowned Philips electronics group in the field of product development, including 15 years in a management role in the prototype manufacturing department. He is also happy to share the broad knowledge he acquired with third parties, and therefore he works on a recurring basis as visiting professor at Vienna University of Applied Arts, in order to inspire the next generation of engineers and innovators.

Adrian Gebhardt’s conviction, that plastic was and remains the material of the future, characterised his approach and activities for the long term. In his role as Managing Director, he always keeps an eye on the big picture. He recognises the potential and sees a basis for future innovations in the electrical industry, electronics, telecommunications, household goods and automobile industry. Digitalisation is a „must“ for him in toolmaking and mould making.